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Take control, feel great, and restore a happy balance to your life with the unique support of a “Power of 3” team, brought to you by isoshealth.

Accessed online from the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you, you can hand-pick the right team to help you achieve your goals.

Each team includes a Dietitian, Physiotherapist and Psychologist. All are fully trained practitioners in their field, ready to offer you a truly personalised approach to your journey.

Combining diet, exercise and motivation has been scientifically proven to deliver stronger and longer lasting results than going it alone.

Join us and start your journey today.

A combined approach to weight-loss is proven to be more effective than diet or exercise plans alone and is recommended by Public Health England.

This flexible and holistic approach will bring you amazing benefits.

We call it “The Power of 3”

You choose your team and book your six sessions, at times to suit you, and see each practitioner in any order you choose.
Before your first session, complete our easy questionnaire and you can can share the information that you want your team to know about you and your lifestyle, safely and securely.
Then… get started! Your health, on your own terms.

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Tips and advice

Big goals – small steps

How can you reach your weight-loss and health goals without losing motivation or breaking those good new habits in the process? The secret lies with breaking large goals into smaller ones, keeping each step do-able and being able to measure your progress along the way. More tips