Hints and tips – get the knowledge

Danny Donachie (BSc) Physiotherapist and isoshealth Advisory Board Chair thinks that knowledge is power when it comes to losing weight.


Top tip for losing weight is to find the best research that hasn’t been biased by the researchers or the organisations funding the research. Get the facts and your pathway to weight loss will be effortless and effective. The myths of fad diets will not see your goals attained and you have to make sure you find an expert with the best and most validated knowledge. When you have this knowledge, use it.

Hints and Tips – Identify the “why”

Mariette Abrahams (BSc, MBA) Dietician and isoshealth advisory board member reveals her number one tip for effective lasting weight loss.


Identify your “why” for wanting to lose weight. That one thing can help you to stay motivated and make it through the harder times. Weight loss is a journey and you may learn new things about yourself that you did not know or were aware of. Therefore identify your “why”, write it down, remind your self daily and stick with it, because once you have found your why, you will not only feel great, you will also have the mental strength and clarity to tackle other goals.

Hints and Tips – Mindset

We asked isoshealth Advisory Board member Dr Bijal Chheda-Varma  what her top tip is for any one wanting to lose weight.

Explore what mindsets make it difficult for you to prioritise your self and body? Challenge these mindsets if they are unhealthy and distorted. This mindset shift along with behaviour change will sustain your recovery in the long term.

Q How do I become motivated again?


Hi, I have recently lost all motivation to diet or exercise. Is it possible I have a hormonal problem like low-testosterone? How do I become motivated again?

A! From advisory board member Dr Bijal Chheda-Varma

Maintaining weight loss requires re-building your relationship with food and your body. One has to change mindsets about the way you eat and what you eat in order to build healthy behaviours around food. How much of your battle with low mood is about your difficult relationship with your sense of self, which includes your body? Food is not a reward or punishment towards how you feel about your body. To release yourself from this viscous cycle, get to know what the link between your mindsets around food and body and your consequent behaviours is. Work on changing the unhealthy patterns, both in your mind and through your habits.