Understanding online consultations: how they work and what to expect 

Accessibility, privacy, feeling comfortable. These are just some of the issues which stop so many of us from getting the help we need. With video technology ever improving, online consultations are now becoming a new way to overcome these challenges. No need to travel, taken in the comfort and privacy of your own home, workplace or wherever is convenient.  

Now being integrated into GP practices and fast becoming a key way of communication for a whole range of different practitioners you really can have a clinic at your fingertips.  

They work like Facetime or a Skype – effectively mimicking an in-person one-to-one session. And, at isoshealth you also receive notes and can watch your session back whenever you like.

What can I expect from an online consultation? 

Your session will run just like a face to face consultation – starting with finding out why you’re there, what your challenges are and what goal you’re hoping to achieve.

Of course, there are differences in how some of our Practitioners work. Take Physiotherapists, for example, they cannot physically touch you or give your direct treatment over video consultation. What our Practitioners do deliver is personalised guidance and support you can usually only experience in clinic. Susan Burry one of our key dietitians explains, “I provide personalised guidance to all of my clients. Online consultations are the right way forward to achieving your goals; it’s there whenever and wherever they want it”. You won’t be expected to prepare anything, apart from a quick questionnaire which will get your session off to the best start possible.  

But how can they help me?  

Everyone starts their journey with health at different points. You might have been told that you need to make a big lifestyle change, have a feeling something is not quite right and have no idea where to start or simply want to better your health from an already strong foundation.  

Online consultations allow you to truly customise your support, so whatever your starting point they can intersect and boost your further towards your goal. But how does that look when it comes to the rest of your journey?  

  • Online consultations mean you have access to a range of professionals with different specialisms: you’re no longer restricted by geography to find the exact expert you need.  
  • Taking the first step and visiting a professional can be really daunting, with online consultations the potential stress can be reduced – you’re in control and in a place you feel comfortable.  
  • You can book the sessions to suit the level of support you need:  more intensive if you’re on a deadline or are have progress plateau, weekly check-ins to keep you on track or as and when you need them to answer questions and give you confidence, you’re on the right path.  
  • Get the benefits without having to compromise on time or travelling – your clinic is truly in your hands.  

So, hopefully, online consultations don’t seem so scary or impersonal now? They give you the power to truly exceed your potential and work with some of the best experts in the process. Ready to give them a try yourself? Book in for a free session today. 


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