The power of three: why mind, body and nutrition all matter


When we want to make a change to our health, it’s easy to have tunnel vision. Adopting a quick-fix weight loss diet, embarking on a fitness programme or doing a meditation programme, of course, have effects and even benefits. But when it comes to health, we have to consider that our mind, body and nutrition all work in sync. All sounds a bit much, right? We agree. That’s why we created isoshealth – a place you can get help with all three aspects of your health from Practitioners that really know their stuff. So, let’s go back to how we know that focusing on all three works.

In clinic

MDT or ‘multidisciplinary teams’ are common in the NHS. A key place where they’re found is in obesity treatment, working with patients in a community setting to transform their lifestyles. Together they address all aspects of obesity, managing the challenges that come along with weight loss and recovery. This structure has proven to be very successful in not only reducing weight but creating a lasting lifestyle change for patients.

In sport

Our Olympic athletes, of course, follow a very disciplined lifestyle – working tirelessly to improve their performance. But surrounding each of them is a team of experts all working with them to optimise their mind, body and nutrition. A winning mindset is needed for results, the right food to fuel and, of course, training are all essential to success.

In the celebrity world

All too often we see celebrities drop several sizes in a matter of months or even weeks. Perhaps it might be to publicise a new work out DVD or tell their transformation story in a weekly glossy. One thing they seem to always leave out is the team behind them. There’s no doubt they put the work in. But by their side, a team of nutritionists, personal trainers, mental coaches and even doctors paved their path to great health. It was not just through their workouts or reported ‘tips’ given in a double page spread, but the knowledge and expertise of a team who completely personalised their plan for them.

In real life

Finding it hard to relate? We will all know someone or perhaps be someone that wants to lose weight. In the weight loss world, we’re told a diet and perhaps an exercise plan will work. Eat less move more. It’s not a lie. It works but it doesn’t stop so many people from falling off the wagon. Often, our relationship with food is emotional – we feel attached to it, scared of it, comforted by it, guilty about it or do not understand it. And this is where working on your mental wellbeing comes in. With so much emotion around food and exercise, there needs to be time to work on your thoughts and feelings towards the whole journey. Crafting a good relationship with food and self-belief is essential to making lasting change.

We truly believe that everyone should have access to a team of three Practitioners, whenever and wherever they need them. Why not see if it’s for you with a free online appointment today?

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