How to stay fit when you have type 1 diabetes

The team at isoshealth enjoyed reading this useful article in the telegraph a few months ago.  It very much reminded us of the need to get tailored bespoke advice  on fitness and well-being.

We are very happy to share the  advice given but with the caveat that we are all different .  Broad trends and advice can be useful but its much more reassuring to have a one to one consultation with a  physiotherapist or dietitian  who understands your unique circumstances.

Carbohydrate intake during exercise

“If you are exercising intensely or over an extended period of time you’re likely to need extra carbohydrate during exercise. Less carbohydrate is required the longer it was since your last insulin injection.”

After you exercise

“Be aware the around eight to 12 hours after you exercise, your blood glucose level could drop too low. This is because your adrenalin levels drop and your muscles and liver will start to take up extra glucose to replace their stores. You will need to take this into account when estimating your insulin dose prior to, or immediately after, exercise.

“Checking your blood glucose before and then every few hours after exercise, and recording what exercise you do and food you’re eating, will make it easier to see trends and assist you and your healthcare team to develop good ways of managing it.

“If you exercise in the late evening after dinner, it may increase the risk of a hypo overnight, often around 2-3am. To reducing the risk of this, you might need to take less evening insulin or eat a low GI snack before bed.

“In general, if your insulin levels during exercise were sufficient, your blood glucose should be back down to your pre-exercise level within three to six hours, without additional insulin.”

isoshealth and Mumsnet

I am delighted to share that @mumsnet and @isoshealth are now working together to make affordable health and wellbeing guidance, for real life, available from qualified practitioners, via online video sessions.

It is widely understood and evidenced that the three main influences on our health are what we eat, our physical activity and how we manage our thoughts and emotions. @isoshealth is a place where, working with experts online over video, you can successfully manage these influences. Work with one practitioner or all three as a team, to achieve a happier, healthier diet, body and mind.

“When we began this journey, building @isoshealth, we knew that we wanted to offer a more effective solution that the wellbeing quick fixes targeted at mums across the UK. Kim Page – isoshealth Founder and CEO. “During our trials, the feedback from @mumsnet users confirmed the amazing difference it makes, in a 30min session, to speak to an expert you can trust and get the personalised advice and answers that actually work in real life. It’s fantastic to be joining forces with @mumsnet, to put trusted dietitians. physiotherapists and psychologists within easy and convenient reach of mums across the UK.”

My Journey

My Journey

From the outside, a lot of people seem to think that being an Entrepreneur is a fantastic position to be in, being able to focus on something you love, being in control. One thing you quickly begin to compromise is your health. You do get to ‘fill up the tank’ being on a mission, it is energising and a huge privilege, that energy can be misleading….

I needed help. Honest answers that would work, so that I could go back to building a business with the passion and power that I felt.

Firstly, I took a hard look at what was wrong. No routine was a big clue! and my working life meant that my food was mostly being prepared by other people, sound familiar? I bought lovely new Gym gear, but it was still in the cupboard, and a few aches and pains had left me worrying if the Gym was safe….. should I be pushing past the neck/shoulder pain or should I let them recover? And so your sleep is affected, your skin, your hair… These are tiny changes that had added up to being 2 stone overweight and having no confidence in the right course of action. It’s a maze, and I’m fed up of quick/fake fixes that I really know never work. But what else do you do?

It was time to pay attention and get a check-up, form someone I could trust, and not just an App, no matter how clever that Algorithm is, it doesn’t know my life, A mum of 2 young men who are on my mind every day, building a start-up and getting married…..

I organised a video session with the Physio first, because that was where the pain was. Physio online, was a revelation. Even after 1 30-minute session, a chat about my sleep and some sound advice on a new pillow with some exercises had an immediate effect. Next was the Dietitian, I knew there was a lot here to talk about, and didn’t know where to start – But I was skilfully led through a series of q’s that laid out a quick action plan to nail what was important and possible to change, within my lifestyle. I lost 9kg over about 4 months, and going through my first ‘bump’ in the road, I am the most confident I have ever been I can correct any bad habits creeping in.

Speaking to a Psychologist was what has made me the happiest, by far. I have actions and plans from the other two that make sure I am can be in control over my wellbeing, but talking about my life situation, I can feel the joy and confidence every day.

I speak to lots of people that haven’t had a therapeutic consultation before, an appointment that wasn’t just 10 minutes long and just ends in a prescription. I’ll share some more over the next few posts, and if you have a question that you don’t want to leave to the next Celebrity diet book, give us a shout, we’d be happy to answer them.

Kim Page isoshealth Founder

Digital healthcare pioneers 87% and isoshealth combine forces

87 Percent and isoshealth are partnering together so that employees can keep track of their mental health but also take positive steps towards improving it by connecting with the expert practitioners on isoshealth’s platform.
87% deliver a new and unique approach to managing and improving mental wellbeing in the workplace. They believe that only through measuring a company’s mental wellbeing on a regular basis can they help organisations address one of the key challenges of our time: How to support the mental wellbeing of their people. In so doing maximise the benefit to the individual and the company.
Positive mental wellbeing is increasingly seen as the key to leading a productive and happy life. 87% have created a friendly, safe and completely private environment, where employees can measure, understand and improve mental wellbeing. This allows them to explore, without judgment, and see their strengths, and weaknesses, along with valuable content and helpful solutions all approved by the psychology team at 87%. A range of tools hints and tips are available to help this process within the app.
There are of course points where more than hints and tips are needed where the employee needs deeper help. This is where isoshealth comes into its own offering one to one video consultations with registered practitioners as an extension of the 87% app.
Andrew Bibby, 87% CEO commented, “The offering that isoshealth provides was the perfect solution for our mental wellbeing platform. 87% empowers people through measurement, allowing individuals to choose their own path to achieving and maintaining positive mental wellbeing. Isoshealth is critical for many in achieving this goal.”
Kim Page isoshealth founder and CEO added “our vision is all about connecting real people who have wellbeing and health issues with the expert practitioners who can help them. Our partnership with 87% are putting mental wellbeing in the work place front and centre of the agenda and isoshealth able to add the human conversation where necessary.”
isoshealth’s unique secure platform connects those seeking help to deal with wellness and health issues with registered practitioners who are waiting to help them. Practitioners all have an average of 10 years experience and include Psychologists, CBT Therapists, Dietitians and Physiotherapists.

Employers wanting to find out more about how the 87% app can help their business can find out more and contact 87% via their web site.