My Journey

My Journey

From the outside, a lot of people seem to think that being an Entrepreneur is a fantastic position to be in, being able to focus on something you love, being in control. One thing you quickly begin to compromise is your health. You do get to ‘fill up the tank’ being on a mission, it is energising and a huge privilege, that energy can be misleading….

I needed help. Honest answers that would work, so that I could go back to building a business with the passion and power that I felt.

Firstly, I took a hard look at what was wrong. No routine was a big clue! and my working life meant that my food was mostly being prepared by other people, sound familiar? I bought lovely new Gym gear, but it was still in the cupboard, and a few aches and pains had left me worrying if the Gym was safe….. should I be pushing past the neck/shoulder pain or should I let them recover? And so your sleep is affected, your skin, your hair… These are tiny changes that had added up to being 2 stone overweight and having no confidence in the right course of action. It’s a maze, and I’m fed up of quick/fake fixes that I really know never work. But what else do you do?

It was time to pay attention and get a check-up, form someone I could trust, and not just an App, no matter how clever that Algorithm is, it doesn’t know my life, A mum of 2 young men who are on my mind every day, building a start-up and getting married…..

I organised a video session with the Physio first, because that was where the pain was. Physio online, was a revelation. Even after 1 30-minute session, a chat about my sleep and some sound advice on a new pillow with some exercises had an immediate effect. Next was the Dietitian, I knew there was a lot here to talk about, and didn’t know where to start – But I was skilfully led through a series of q’s that laid out a quick action plan to nail what was important and possible to change, within my lifestyle. I lost 9kg over about 4 months, and going through my first ‘bump’ in the road, I am the most confident I have ever been I can correct any bad habits creeping in.

Speaking to a Psychologist was what has made me the happiest, by far. I have actions and plans from the other two that make sure I am can be in control over my wellbeing, but talking about my life situation, I can feel the joy and confidence every day.

I speak to lots of people that haven’t had a therapeutic consultation before, an appointment that wasn’t just 10 minutes long and just ends in a prescription. I’ll share some more over the next few posts, and if you have a question that you don’t want to leave to the next Celebrity diet book, give us a shout, we’d be happy to answer them.

Kim Page isoshealth Founder

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