Everyone has the equal right to good health: to feel fit, well and happy, for life.

To achieve this takes focus on three aspects of our overall well-being in equal measure – our mind, our diet, and our physical state. That is why we created isoshealth. Isos means equal – equal health for all. We’re here to help people take control over their health. We’re here to give talented practitioners the opportunity to work together to change healthcare delivery. Are you ready to take control? Meet the team behind isoshealth

What we are about?

We provide users access to qualified health practitioners to meet their health related needs and goals. Users choose their own team of three practitioners, and a block of appointments that suit their goals. Using an easy online interface we bring the professional into the home via video call, meaning the minimum amount of fuss for the user and the practitioner. With each team member bringing something different to the table, they can share notes and build upon each other’s consultations. By looking at the way someone thinks about food, how much they move, as well as what they eat, we help our users form a sustainable lifestyle for life-long health.
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Our Advisory Board?

We are incredibly proud to introduce to you our very own powerful team of ambassadors. Formed of leading multidisciplinary experts – a Registered Nurse; a Physiotherapist from professional football; a recognised Dietitian, a world record holding international athlete and a leading Psychologist – reflecting our multidisciplinary framework, they will drive isoshealth forward.
Each has their very own set of outstanding credentials, but all are unified by our belief and vision. Our belief in good health for all and our vision to change the health and wellbeing of a nation.

Meet the advisory board members