Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

We value your privacy. We take your privacy and security very seriously. This Privacy Statement describes how we will protect and handle the personal information that you provide to us through our web and related services.

Secure Sharing

On isoshealth you can ask general health questions, connect with validated allied health professional experts, get trusted answers and tips, and explore health information without also sharing your personal identity.

How does it work? On isoshealth, only you know who you are. Your identity is protected. Our community receives the value of learning from your questions and the information you choose to share, and you benefit from the secure sharing of others in our community.

Confidential Consultations

On isoshealth, you can connect with a Expert by video, directly from your computer. You can ask personal health questions directly to a Expert, and receive care as appropriate for virtual consultations. While interactions on isoshealth are not anonymous (your name and health information are shared with the Experts you consult with), they are secure and confidential.

How We Protect You

  • Your Identity is Private.
  • Personally Identifiable Information is not visible to others.
  • Video consultations are confidential.
  • We are Secure.
  • We provide Bank-Level Security and encryption.
  • Connections to our website are over a secure connection with a Trustwave EasyTrust (256bitSSL) certificate.
  • Virtual Consultations on isoshealth take place over a secure connection.
  • The isoshealth platform uses a dedicated cloud platform and firewall.
  • We do not use or share your Personally Identifiable Information, other than as described in our Privacy Statement

How does isoshealth treat privacy differently?

When we say we care about your privacy, we mean it.

This Privacy Statement describes what information you can share with us, how that information is stored, how we use that information, and what information other members and Experts can see when they use isoshealth.

In addition to this Privacy Statement, we've created a Privacy Constitution and User Bill of Rights that describes our core beliefs about privacy and your core rights as a user of our services. These documents are located on our Privacy and Secure Sharing page, which includes suggestions for how to share securely and anonymously on isoshealth.


Isoshealth connects you with leading Experts, trusted health information, answers, and tips, and even virtual consultations, all designed to give you a healthier, happier you.

By helping you find relevant and trusted medical information, and connecting you with the best Experts, isosiealth provides you with information to share with your Expert and to support your health decisions.

Isoshealth connects you with Experts for virtual consultations when you want health care and advice, directly from your computer.

Do not use isoshealth an emergency or for emergency care.

By continuing to use isoshealth, you agree to this Privacy Statement and any updates to it. This means that if the Privacy Statement changes, you agree to these changes if you keep using isoshealth . When this policy is changed (other than for typographical corrections or minor changes that do not alter its meaning), we will update the "last modified" date at the top of the policy. We may provide a summary at the bottom of the policy, describing the types of changes made.

Privacy and Anonymity

Is isoshealth anonymous?

Your use of isoshealth is anonymous. Your Personally Identifiable Information (your real name, date of birth, email address and other such information) is not visible to others. Staying anonymous on isoshealth is easy - simply don't post personally identifiable information (such as your name) in your questions or other content visible to others.

Can others see the questions I have asked?

No. Your questions are anonymous. Only the questions, not your identity, are publicly visible.

Are isoshealth Consultations anonymous?

Like an in-person patient-Expert interaction, consultations are confidential but not anonymous services. When using the consultation service, some Profile information (including your real name and health information from your Profile) is visible to Experts with whom you enter into consultations. Your personal contact information is never visible on isoshealth to other members or Experts.

Can others see my isoshealth consultations?

No. Virtual Consultations, just like an in-person Expert-patient visit, are private and confidential.


Are isoshealth Consultations Services safe and secure?

Yes. isoshealth consultation services use bank-level security and encryption. We use a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect the security of your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. isoshealth also maintains standard physical and electronic procedural safeguards that limit access to your personal information to our employees (or people working on our behalf and under confidentiality agreements) who, through the course of standard business activities, need to access your personal information.

Your personal information will be stored in a secure manner. Full access to your personal clinic app is enabled only by usernames and passwords. You are fully and solely responsible for any and all use of the Apps using your username and password. We reserve the right to revoke or deactivate your username and password at any time.

Personal Information

Your Personal Profile

What information can I store in my Profile?

Your Profile contains the information you provide when you create a isoshealth account, including your name, email address and date of birth. You can add optional health information to your Profile, like personal data, health goals, medications, conditions, and other information, which helps to personalize your IsosHealth experience. You choose what health information to add to your Profile through using isoshealth and adding information to your Profile.

How is the information in my Profile used?

Isoshealth uses your Profile information and your health and wellness goals to help you better understand, stay engaged with, and track your health and to present you with personalized, relevant information.

Can I modify my Profile?

Yes, you can add, edit or delete optional information appearing in your Profile at any time. You can edit, but not remove, certain information (like an email address) required login to and to use isoshealth.

Can others see my Profile or the health information in it?

On isoshealth other members and Experts cannot see your Profile or the health information in it. When using isoshealth, health information from your Profile and basic information about you (such as your real name and age) are visible to the Experts with whom you consult.

Is my profile secure?

Your account and Profile information are secure, encrypted, and password protected. More information on our security is here.

What is Personally Identifiable Information?

Personally Identifiable Information is information (like your full name and email address) that identifies who you are.

How do you keep my Personally Identifiable Information private, safe, and secure?

We keep your Personally Identifiable Information private by not displaying it or sharing it without your consent. Your use of isoshealth is anonymous, and other members can never see this information. We do not display this information on isoshealth, except inside of your Profile, which is visible only to you. We keep this information secure by using state of the art encryption and other security measures. More information about our security can be found here.

Is Personally Identifiable Information visible on isoshealth?

No. All Personally Identifiable Information is stored securely in your Profile, which is not visible to other users or Experts on isoshealth. Revealing personally identifiable information in content publicly visible on isoshealth (such as in public questions) is not permitted.

Is Personally Identifiable Information Visible?

When using isoshealth consultation services your name, and certain health information in your Profile (but not your contact information), is shown to the Experts with whom you interact with.

Isoshealth Virtual Consultations or similar services.

How do you use Personally Identifiable Information?

We will retain and use your Personally Identifiable Information to provide you with and notify you about our services, and as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Personal Questions

Are personal healthcare questions permitted on isoshealth free question service?

Questions and expert answers on isoshealth are for general education and information. Only informational questions are permitted. For specific, personal health questions, always ask your own Expert or healthcare provider (isoshealth Experts are not your personal Expert or healthcare provider, and their answers to questions are not personal or for personal use.)

Are personal healthcare questions permitted on isoshealth Consultation Services?

On isoshealth consultation Services you may ask specific, personal health questions and receive care (as appropriate for Virtual Consultations).

Can I include Personally Identifiable Information in a question on isoshealth?

Posting Personally Identifiable Information (such as a real name, phone number, or email address) is not permitted in content that is publicly visible on isoshealth (including in user submitted free questions). Posting such information, about yourself or another person, is a violation of our Terms of Use. Do not include Personally Identifiable Information about you or anyone else in these questions or any other submissions that are publicly visible. Isoshealth reserves the right to remove or exclude such content. Personal information may be shared with Experts during Virtual Consultations on isoshealth.

Public Content

What is Public Content?

Some content on isoshealth is publicly visible by logged in or logged out users ("Public Content"). Any information provided in Public Content might be read, collected, and used by others who access them.

May I include Personally Identifiable Information in Public Content?

No. Do not include Personally Identifiable Information (such as your name, email address, or phone number) in any Public Content posted to isoshealth. Isoshealth cannot control how Public Content is seen or used. Contact our support team to request removal of such information.


Emails and Text Messages (SMS)

Will I ever receive Spam from isoshealth or third parties?

No. We have a strict "No-Spam" policy. We do not share email addresses or other contact information with third parties without your permission.

What is my e-mail address used for?

Your email address is used to create, log into, and manage your account on isoshealth. We use your email to provide you with notices about your account and our services.

Is my e-mail address and phone number kept private?

Yes. Your email address and phone number are not displayed and are never visible to other members or Experts. More information about how we keep your Personally Identifiable information safe and secure is here.

How do I change my contact information?

You can review and update your account information, including your email and phone number, in your account Settings.


What is a Notification?

A Notification is an electronic message in your isoshealth clinic inbox

How do I know if I have a Notification?

You will see Notifications when you log into isoshealth. Isoshealth may send you email, SMS, providing you with account-related reminders or updates, or letting you know that you have a message on isoshealth.


What basic information is required to sign up?

To receive the full benefits of isoshealth simply create an account. During registration, we ask for some basic information, such as your name, email address, and date of birth. No additional data other than mandatory registration information is required to use isoshealth. Additional information, including payment information, is required when requesting a consultation service.

Why do you ask for my gender, location, or date of birth?

Health conditions and appropriate actions often depend on your age group, geography, and gender. These data help us provide you with a personalized online health experience. Your personally identifiable information is not visible to other members or Experts on isoshealth. This data is visible to Experts you connect with when having a consultation.

What additional information can I add to my account?

You can add additional health information to your Profile. What you can add, how this information is used, and your ability to modify this information are described here.


How do I deactivate my account?

Simply sign, email and we will deactivate your account for you. You will receive an email confirming that your account has been deactivated. Please note: your public questions that have received answers will continue to appear anonymously on isoshealth after account deactivation.


What records are created by Experts following a Virtual Consultation?

At the end of every successfully completed Virtual Consultation, the Expert with whom you have had your virtual consult will prepare a brief Expert's note about the consolation (the “Expert Medical Consultation Summary").

Who can view these records?

The Consultation Summaries of your consultations is viewable only by your expert. When you initiate Virtual Consultations on isoshealth, your Expert seeing you will be able to view all of the Consolations Summaries of your prior consultations on isoshealth.

May I include Personally Identifiable Information in isoshealth Consultations ?

Yes. Unlike publicly visible questions and answers on isoshealth, you may provide Personally Identifiable Information in your interactions with Experts on isoshealth. Isoshealth consultation interactions are not publicly visible. These interactions are confidential, but not anonymous.

Information Use

How does isoshealth use my personal information?

We use information collected through your use of isoshealth to provide you with information about our current or future services, to enable the services we provide, and otherwise as described in this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement describes the ways that we use or disclose your information. In support of these uses, we may use personal information to:

  • provide you with important information about isoshealth, including updates and notifications
  • send you email, notifications, SMS or other communications
  • help you determine appropriate services relevant to you, your lifestyle, and your geographic location help you find or connect with Experts

Do you sell Personally Identifiable Information?

No. Your identity is safe with us and is not for sale. We do not sell Personally Identifiable Information.

What are aggregated information, statistics, and de-identified data, and how are they used?

Aggregated information is information from multiple members that is not associated with any individual user account; statistics are summaries of information, not associated with any individual user account; de-identified data does not include Personally Identifiable Information. Aggregated information and de-identified data and statistics are used to run and improve the services provided on or through isoshealth. This information may also be used by us or provided to our partners for purposes of research and analysis.


Can I share information from isoshealth social media?

Yes, you can share certain information from isoshealth using sign-in services social media services such as Facebook and Twitter. Please consider any impact on your privacy and anonymity when posting content to public services. Content posted to these services will be governed by the respective privacy policies of those services.


How do you use cookies?

Like most online services, isoshealth uses cookies. All browser cookies we use are encrypted. We use session ID cookies and persistent cookies to enable you to sign in and to help personalize isoshealth for you. Using cookies simplifies the delivery of relevant content and allows you to retrieve information you previously provided making use of isoshealth features easier. We link the information we store in session cookies to personally identifiable information you submit while on isoshealth. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline some or all cookies if you prefer. If you choose to decline all cookies, you may not be able to use interactive features of isoshealth or other websites that depend on cookies.

Third Parties

What is a Non-isoshealth Service Provider and what information does isoshealth share with them?

Isoshealth does not share your Personally Identifiable Information (for example, your real name or email address) with anyone without your consent. By using isoshealth Services you consent to sharing your name and the health information in your Profile with the Experts you interact with when using these services.

Is Personally Identifiable Information Provided to Third Parties?

Isoshealth or the Medical Experts on isoshealth may provide you with information about external service providers ("External Service Providers") that may be of interest or use to you. Isoshealth does not provide these External Service Providers with any Personally Identifiable Information about you, without your express consent.

Does this Privacy Statement control information I share with Non-isoshealth Providers?

No. This Privacy Statement does not apply to other service providers or links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by isoshealth, and you should review the individual privacy policies and terms of service of these providers before using their services.


How can I contact you?

You may reach us by via email or you may write to us at our most current address. Please see our contact us page for current information.

How you can keep safe and secure

Here are some tips about how to stay private and share securely:

  • Always keep your password private.
  • Don't reveal Personally Identifiable Information when you post public content (such as a public question) on isoshealth.
  • Don't leave an active isoshealth session unattended.

Isoshealth's Privacy Constitution

Our Pledge to You:

  • We are here to help.
  • We are here to help you connect with Experts and find helpful health information including useful answers from trusted Experts. We ask only for data that can help us provide this service to you, and to use the data provided to improve your experience on our service.
  • We are safe and secure.
  • We will keep the personal information that you provide to us safe and secure. Our data security practices always meet or exceed industry standards. We use technology, policies, and conduct, together with a privacy-centered company culture, to ensure that your data is safe.
  • Your Identity is Not For Sale.
  • We won't sell your personally identifiable information.

Your Rights:

  • You control your privacy.
  • You control your privacy. Our experience is designed to keep your information anonymous and secure. You can add, remove, or update the personal and health information in your Profile at any time.