My Journey

My Journey

From the outside, a lot of people seem to think that being an Entrepreneur is a fantastic position to be in, being able to focus on something you love, being in control. One thing you quickly begin to compromise is your health. You do get to ‘fill up the tank’ being on a mission, it is energising and a huge privilege, that energy can be misleading….

I needed help. Honest answers that would work, so that I could go back to building a business with the passion and power that I felt.

Firstly, I took a hard look at what was wrong. No routine was a big clue! and my working life meant that my food was mostly being prepared by other people, sound familiar? I bought lovely new Gym gear, but it was still in the cupboard, and a few aches and pains had left me worrying if the Gym was safe….. should I be pushing past the neck/shoulder pain or should I let them recover? And so your sleep is affected, your skin, your hair… These are tiny changes that had added up to being 2 stone overweight and having no confidence in the right course of action. It’s a maze, and I’m fed up of quick/fake fixes that I really know never work. But what else do you do?

It was time to pay attention and get a check-up, form someone I could trust, and not just an App, no matter how clever that Algorithm is, it doesn’t know my life, A mum of 2 young men who are on my mind every day, building a start-up and getting married…..

I organised a video session with the Physio first, because that was where the pain was. Physio online, was a revelation. Even after 1 30-minute session, a chat about my sleep and some sound advice on a new pillow with some exercises had an immediate effect. Next was the Dietitian, I knew there was a lot here to talk about, and didn’t know where to start – But I was skilfully led through a series of q’s that laid out a quick action plan to nail what was important and possible to change, within my lifestyle. I lost 9kg over about 4 months, and going through my first ‘bump’ in the road, I am the most confident I have ever been I can correct any bad habits creeping in.

Speaking to a Psychologist was what has made me the happiest, by far. I have actions and plans from the other two that make sure I am can be in control over my wellbeing, but talking about my life situation, I can feel the joy and confidence every day.

I speak to lots of people that haven’t had a therapeutic consultation before, an appointment that wasn’t just 10 minutes long and just ends in a prescription. I’ll share some more over the next few posts, and if you have a question that you don’t want to leave to the next Celebrity diet book, give us a shout, we’d be happy to answer them.

Kim Page isoshealth Founder

Let’s hear about Hayley: a busy single mum who empowered her health

Being a busy single mum, marketing account manager and copywriter, Hayley certainly has a lot on her plate. And, just like so many of us, she is also mindful of keeping her mind, body and nutrition in check – an added pressure that can be difficult to juggle.  With an emotional relationship with food and limited free time to try or sustain new types of exercise, Hayley was plateauing. So, to try and push through Hayley wanted to try something different, “learning new habits and getting advice in terms of other healthy changes I could make to improve my lifestyle.”



Hayley already had a firm grip on what is needed for weight loss – following Weight Watchers, keeping active with walking and hiking. What’s more, she’d also tapped into the benefits of sleep and water consumption, discovering the vital role they play.   

However, she still felt there were areas she could improve upon and would really benefit from expert guidance in all three areas. Tying together the psychological with her emotional connection to food and motivation levels when it came to exercise. Looking at these two key issues for her from a mental perspective was something she’d never considered or tried before, “I knew I had to work on my motivation, trying to make better food choices and not being cross with myself when I didn’t”.   



Hayley worked her way through all her sessions, spending time with experts in mind, body and nutrition. “All of the professionals were approachable and were easy to talk to. They all followed up with the relevant information and asked for updates from our original conversation too. Also, they were aware of my sessions with each other which helped in terms of me working out how to fit the different pieces of advice together.”  


Her work with the practitioners confirmed the fact that her diet and fitness levels were generally good, but she still gained some great guidance. “It became clear as I was moving through the process that my diet and fitness levels were essentially good, but I still picked up some useful hints and tips on other things I could try in terms of exercise and readdressing my relationship with food.”  



With her experts on hand, Hayley knew she could trust the guidance she’d received, “The professionals were friendly and knowledgeable. I felt buoyed by the information and advice I had been given and I was looking forward to putting things in to practice and to start to make positive steps towards a better version of myself.” For her, being able to have the conversations whenever and wherever she wanted really made a difference “It was really good to be able to fit this in around my life and to be able to access the teams from home was really convenient.I really appreciated the fact I could do this from home, some of the conversations we had were very private, so it was nice to have them from a place I felt safe.” Hayley continues her path to a healthier lifestyle, continuing to work on the areas highlighted in her sessions.   




Meet Zoe: a super-busy businesswoman who finally found some time for her health


Running a business, planning a wedding and keeping up with all that life throws at you leaves very little time to focus on your health. Enter Zoe, the superwoman who was juggling just that. After years spent in the corporate world, she made a career 360, starting her own business and working from home. And with this, she saw a huge change in her lifestyle – no more 9-5 and no more routine. 

Zoe had never had an issue with her weight but found that her change of lifestyle made a difference – if only slight – gaining 5kg over a couple of years. Granted, she knew age was not on her side but being newly engaged her wedding was looming. And, with this came pressure on herself to tone up for the big day. “I wanted to gain back control of my weight and lifestyle – become healthier, and stronger”.  


Zoe already knew what she had to do – move more and eat a little better. Like many of us, she made her first steps in January, joining a gym to commit to working out. But, unlike many of us who do commit to a membership in January, Zoe consistently trained 4-5 times a week.  

Meanwhile, she also did research on how to clean up her diet. Using MyFitnessPal to track her calorie and macronutrients she made positive changes whilst not feeling restricted to a particular diet. All in all, she was making the right steps, but not seeing the results she wanted. “isoshealth offered the unique proposition of giving me bespoke advice – I wanted confirmation of what I was doing or more detailed and relevant information for me specifically.”  


And so her journey with isoshealth began. “I got on well with all of the experts – they were all enthusiastic and very intelligent. Each offered a unique perspective which was highly beneficial with their work complementing one another.” 

“One of the first and most clear things that working with the team made me realise is that my goals weren’t quite right – it made me reassess what I really wanted”. Once they were all on the same track, sessions progressed with each building on the last. 

Losing weight becomes more difficult with age – and therefore it’s not always a goal which can always be achievable. Zoe’s mind turned towards a much more realistic and sustainable goal to get ‘fitter’. This way, her mind wasn’t stuck on the scale but more on how she felt physically and mentally.  

Once her goals were in check it was a case of working on the small changes that could make a huge difference. First up was her nutrition. Working with her Dietitian, Zoe found that she wasn’t really aware of portion sizes. She was eating the right foods but not in the right amounts. Her Dietitian gave her some quick and easy ways to keep check of her portion sizes to make sure every one of her meals was balanced.  

Doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 4-5 times a week is stressful on the body – something Zoe wasn’t tuning into. But with HIIT you have to be at your best to really make the most of the quickfire rounds of cardio. Her Physio was able to give her a specific stretching routine and key exercises to help her in her troubled areas.  

“My Psychologist really understood my lifestyle and the areas I needed to work on. Together we worked to sort out my sleep and open up my understanding of my body and mind”. 


Zoe made the recommended changes and started to see a difference: not necessarily on the scales but to her lifestyle and mindset. “I needed assurance that I was on the right path but needed to optimise some elements – we do have access to information now, but not in a way which directly benefits individuals. isoshealth gave me exactly the guidance I needed from experts I grew to know and trust.” 

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