Dawn Shotton

Dawn Shotton

17 years' professional experience

Dawn Shotton is a registered dietitian with significant expertise is weight management and weight loss surgery. She enjoys promoting healthy eating and lifestyle changes and is naturally drawn towards women’s health issues because of this.
Before stepping into her freelance career, Dawn worked in weight management for 15 years of a 24 year long career within the NHS. Some of her key achievements during this time include developing new weight management services, including a bariatric regional service, managed a team of specialist dietitians, and design and delivery of accredited weight management training programmes. She has been fortunate to have her work recognised both locally and nationally and won two awards in recognition of innovative practices and resources.
Dawn holds a master’s degree in weight management and a PG certificate in counselling. Together these qualifications support her as a keen advocate of behaviour change therapy and mindfulness principles. She has held a teaching qualification since 2007 which serves her public speaking and teaching roles well.

Dawn’s support has helped 18 people.

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  • Q
    Is snacking better than eating 3 meals a day?
    Regular eating patterns Regular eating patterns are an important foundation to good nutrition. The quality of the snacks eaten, of course, is also very important too.

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  • Obesity

    31st January 2016
    Epidemic. Crisis. Catastrophe. Time bomb. The language used to describe obesity is alarming. Is it justified or is it simply ‘hype’.

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