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As a Registered Dietitian and an Advanced Practitioner I have gained a wealth of experience since qualifying over the 17 years ago. I have experience with working with patients who need to gain weight following a period of illness or post-surgery and also in weight management. My area of expertise though is with IBS. I trained with King's College, London to deliver the low FODMAP diet for the treatment of IBS. To date, I've advised over 170 patients, with my success rate being higher than the national average of over 75% effectiveness. But more importantly, I've seen how it can change lives!

About Me

I've always had an interest in science and nutrition, but didn't realize my ambition to become a Dietitian until I'd had my family. I'm passionate about getting the message out there that finally there is an effective treatment for IBS. It's actually very satisfying to empower sufferers with the knowledge to help them regain some control in their lives and resume and enjoy a normal life.

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    I'm taking cakes to work for my birthday but one of the girls is following the FODMAP diet to help her IBS. Do you have any advice so I can include her please?
    Gluten Free Cake It's great that you're supporting your colleague. The low FODMAP diet involves eliminating some foods from the diet temporarily to improve the symptoms of IBS. It works in over 75% of people and is quite a development in the dietary treatment of IBS. With cakes the main problem for her may be wheat. So choosing a cake from the 'free from' section in the supermarket and taking care for it to be 'wheat free' would be much appreciated by her I'm sure.

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