How does the VAT work on my bill?

The services that the customer pays for are exempt from VAT. However, the services isoshealth offers you is subject to VAT.

Your billing statement has the fee for each session, we subtract the total of our commission and the VAT at 20% on that commission.

You are able to claim that VAT on our commission back from HMRC if you are VAT registered.

isoshealth is a marketplace through which individuals can request the provision of health and wellness consultations delivered by video and are connected with professionals.

No contract exists between isoshealth and the Health Professional, or isoshealth and any customer, for the fulfilment of any health and wellness services. isoshealth acts as an intermediary between the Health Professional and the Customer.

isoshealth acts as an agent for the Health Professional in introducing the Professional to potential customers and has integrated a payment service provider to collect agreed charges from the customer on behalf of the Health Professional.

Commission means 35% of Net Income plus any applicable VAT