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Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I can’t make a session I have already booked?
As a customer, you control the booking of sessions, if you need to reschedule a consultation, please contact the health professional directly to re-arrange to a mutually beneficial time. If the health professional has asked to reschedule an appointment you will need to rebook the session on the platform.
If you do re-arrange the consultation within 48 hours before the appointment and/or do not attend the confirmed consultation, the professional may choose to refund all or part of the consultation session.

What happens if I have an issue with one of the members of my team?
If you have an issue with any member of your multi-disciplinary team, raise it with another member of the team.
You can speak openly and honestly with any of the team and they will raise the issue with the other members of the team sensitively and safely.
They will address the issue and come back to you with the course of action they recommend.
If that course of action is not satisfactory you can contact us, let us know what hasn’t been addressed and we will work with your team to come to a solution.

Contact us

For professionals, if you need to contact us, you can email or give your enrolment manager a call.
For customers, if you need to contact us, you can email and we will respond within 2 working days.