Our simple process makes getting access to your personalised team simple

Whichever package you go for, the process stays the same – making your journey to good health as smooth as possible

Select your team and times

Teams will be listed with their availability and all of their credentials – so that you can pick the team that is the perfect fit for you.

Take our in-depth questionnaire

This will be given to your whole team so that they are all aligned with your goals. It will also give them an insight into the type of lifestyle you lead and your starting point.

Your first appointment

Armed with the insights from your questionnaire, your team gets to work from the first session. Just turn up at your booked time, log on to the isoshealth platform and the practitioner you pick to speak to first will be ready and waiting.

Continuing the conversation

Every session will build on the last, with all three of your team having access to notes from every session and the ability to communicate about your progress. All of your video conversations are also saved so you can come back and review at any stage. With these tools at hand you and your team can ensure that you stay on track towards your health goals.

Finishing your package

Yes, your sessions might be over but the conversation doesn’t have to stop there – they are your team built to continually support you on your health journey. Whether you are more than happy with your results, just need the odd top up or want to commit to another package their virtual doors are always open.