Our story

isoshealth was born in 2016 from the frustration of a community of professionals knowing that it was just too tough for the average person to get the best lifestyle and health advice

Our founder Kim understood this on a personal level too,

“Being a wife, a small business owner, a mum and a carer to a family member significantly affected by type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac disease, my own journey led to prescription drugs to manage my weight. However, they raised more problems than they solved and it wasn’t the example I wanted to set for my children.”

“After working with leading practitioners across the recognised disciplines, it became clear there are highly trained practitioners trying to make themselves available online but are not being heard”

“Fad diets, extreme weight loss plans and unreasonable training programmes dominate, along with celebrity transformation stories”

“I wanted to change that, and use technology to bring the best, trusted information and support to everyone”

Created by a team of those at the cutting edge of health and tech;

from professional athletes to tech innovators and leading Healthcare Practitioners. They have seen the undeniable benefits of combining the expertise of three different disciplines. All of us are unified in our mission to change the health and wellbeing of a nation

Our advisory board are all leaders in their individual fields

But all are unified in their belief of the Power of 3 and the vision to change public health for the better
From Paula Radcliffe MBE and Danny Donachie, leading medicine and sports science in professional football, to practicing professionals Dr Bijal Chheda-Varma, Mariette Abrahams and Registered Nurse Suzanne Cook, collectively they have seen the benefits across sports, NHS and private practice