Want to slim down and stay in shape?

Choose weight management

For safe weight-loss and weight management, realistic expectations and goal setting is crucial. Your P3 team will work to deliver to you the personalised support you need for a solid nutritional plan, safe exercise guidance and support to build resilience and strong coping mechanisms to make these changes to your life.

Want to feel healthier and stronger?

Choose lifestyle management

A healthy lifestyle comes from a balanced approach to your mind, body and diet. Your P3 team will set you a strategy for success, personalised to your lifestyle and the goals you want to achieve. Whether you want to maximise the results from the gym, try a new diet, or adapt to a new work routine that is leaving you tired or stressed, these sessions can put you, and keep you, on track towards feeling stronger.


What you get with the Power of 3 

  • Your own team of 3: a Dietitian; a Physiotherapist; and a Psychologist
  • One-to-one truly personalised support, get the answers you need
  • This is not an ‘off the shelf’ plan, your Power of 3 team works together, tailoring their guidance to your needs
  • Access to practitioners working together as a team
  • Six 30 minute one-to-one video consultations
  • Two sessions with each member of your team
  • All sessions are completely secure and confidential
  • All sessions are recorded for your benefit to review and play back.

Your six sessions cost £250 which is payable when you book the sessions. 

Top tip

You can talk about anything you need to with your health team, choosing the package type here will help us offer you the most relevant areas of expertise.

Value for money

At isoshealth we appreciate that household budgets are tight and that £250 may seem a lot of money. However consider what you are getting for your money.

  • One-to-one personalised support
  • This is not a one size fits all plan, your team of experts work together to tailor a package just for you.  
  • Access to experts who are working together as a team
  • Something is only great value if it works – this approach works
  • At just over £40 per session the price is probably less than a personal trainer
  • Once you have completed the initial six sessions you can top up as per your individual needs on a session-by-session basis
  • The evidence of our trials shows that an initial package of six sessions is vital to ensure success