Platform promise

Welcome to isoshealth. We will change the health and wellbeing of a nation.

We will enable all customers to reach safe and effective health and wellbeing advice, guidance and treatment, creating choice and improving access to holistic, personalised care.

These guidelines are the combined efforts of the management team at isoshealth and our Advisory Board

For health professionals enrolled on our Platform, this is how we will work together.
All health professionals enrolled meet our minimum standards –

We are proud to support the HCPC’s Standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

As the principles you hold yourself to, we expect that Health Professionals to abide by the HCPC’s Standards of conduct, performance and ethics (SCPE, January 2016).,performanceandethics.pdf

These standards are organised under the following headings:

  • Promote and protect the interests of service users and carers;
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively;
  • Work within the limits of their knowledge and skills;
  • Delegate appropriately;
  • Respect confidentiality;
  • Manage risk;
  • Report concerns about safety;
  • Be open when things go wrong;
  • Be honest and trustworthy; and
  • Keep records of their work


Our intention is to provide an agile and sustainable platform that meets the needs of health professionals, delivering best practice methodologies in a safe and collaborative setting, promoting a multidisciplinary approach for customers, delivered with the best digital tools.

When using isoshealth please behave according to your own high standards of practice and those of your own regulatory body(s) and apply these values.

Championing effective digital communication

Apply the culture and values of isoshealth

  • Act according to the principle of “Don’t tell me, show me”.
  • Share and be open to different ways of working with colleagues, using digital technology.
  • Appreciate that everyone has their preferred online communication style, which may not be the same as yours.
  • Be a conscientious and active member of your teams and isoshealth.
  • Be committed to doing the best for your client and completing the course of sessions.

Championing a multidisciplinary approach

  • Adopt a goal-directed approach to care based on robust assessment of customer needs
  • Make evidence-based interventions, or where evidence is lacking, be prepared to justify the logic of your advice and that you have given due consideration to options and their risks
  • Respect your colleagues’ expertise and hold them to high standards of duty of care to their clients.
  • Collaborate with other health professionals respecting professional boundaries.
  • Record interventions and their outcomes appropriately in the platform journal for both your client and your colleagues.
  • Be clear and explicit in your communication using standard terminology.
  • You have clinical autonomy to best manage your clients. Where you may need to make an onward referral for your clients to the appropriate clinical specialty, do it as you would in your normal practice, directly with your client.
  • All appointments are scheduled and managed between you and your client and should be rescheduled directly where necessary. If you are unable to meet your commitment due to an emergency and are unable to contact your client directly, please contact the enrolment manager as soon as possible.

Fitness to practice

Health professionals should have the skills, knowledge, character and health they need to practise their profession safely and effectively. Where we have doubts we can, like any member of the public, employer, other professional, or the police raise a concern about a registrant’s fitness to practise with the HCPC or regulatory body that you belong to.

Platform Best Practice

We recommend the following best practices when using the platform. They are not to guide the content of your consultation, they will enable you to get the best from the isoshealth platform.

Be prepared

  • Explicitly consider your physical environment, privacy and appearance for every consultation.
  • Consider the acoustics of the room, for example, an empty room with minimal soft furnishings makes it harder to hear and be heard.
  • Ensure the light behind you is not bright, rotate the camera to have the direct light behind your webcam for best results.
  • Check all your connections and equipment work properly before your consultation.
  • Ensure you and your customer have the right space for you to be able to have your consultation as comfortably as possible.
  • On camera, sounds and actions are magnified and can amplify slouching, fidgeting, or gesticulating in ways that patients can find distracting or off-putting.
  • To appear to be making eye contact don’t look at the patient on your screen, look directly into your webcam.


  • Provide regular feedback about the performance of the platform.
  • Request practical and beneficial enhancements to the platform to make it a better user experience.