Patients are at the centre of everything we do. That’s why their feedback is so important to us. Here’s a sample of some of the kind things people have said about our expert’s service.

  • Sally

    FODMAP diet has changed my life

    Sally from Penarth
    22nd February 2016
    Debra Thomas

    Sally was helped by nutritional health expert
    Debra Thomas

    16 years' professional experience

    Debra's Profile

    FODMAP diet has changed my life:

    “Having suffered with IBS for the last 15 years discovering the low FODMAP diet has changed my life. At times it is very difficult and certainly challenging but with Debra’s help and guidance it is achievable. I have found Deb very professional, understanding and patient at all times. Following the diet is a big commitment and you need to focus on what you can eat, not what you can’t and with Deb’s experience it can be done. My life is now nearly normal and Deb has helped me work out my trigger foods so I can lead a normal life. I cannot speak highly enough of Deb and her commitment and would recommend her to any fellow IBS sufferers.”

  • Zoe

    We can't thank you enough

    Zoe from Nottingham
    9th December 2015
    Lisa Waddell

    Zoe was helped by nutritional health expert
    Lisa Waddell

    26 years' professional experience

    Lisa's Profile

    We can't thank you enough:

    "Thank you so much for today. We can't thank you enough for your support with this. So many little pieces to the jigsaw are starting to fit together and make more sense now having spoken to you....without even realising they were part of the same puzzle!!! Researching dairy free recipes as we speak!!"

  • Sarah

    Two thumbs up!

    Sarah from California, USA
    7th November 2015
    Nicole Al-Shafie

    Sarah was helped by nutritional health expert
    Nicole Al-Shafie

    9 years' professional experience

    Nicole's Profile

    Two thumbs up!:

    “I am grateful to have Nicole as part of my treatment team. She is personable, professional, positive, and progressive. Nicole adapts to my needs and concerns. She gently nudges me in a forward direction all the while proving ample support and encouragement. I have no doubts about Nicole's level of expertise and knowledge. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone, especially those struggling with an eating disorder. Two thumbs up!"

  • Shirley

    Professional, understanding and empathetic

    Shirley from Stockton, UK
    17th November 2015
    Dawn Shotton

    Shirley was helped by nutritional health expert
    Dawn Shotton

    17 years' professional experience

    Dawn's Profile

    Professional, understanding and empathetic:

    "Two years after surgery, I felt terribly alone and without help - struggling to maintain my weight loss. Thank you for all of your professional support, understanding and natural empathy."